Hygge Fundamentals

Lately, it would seem that every magazine I read or Instagram post I see, someone, somewhere is talking about Hygge. I'm new to the world of home decorating so  I appreciate that I may be late to Hygge but I naturally assumed it was simply the latest style trend so of course, I went out... Continue Reading →

Save Time and buy a Sander

If you're in the process of decorating or planning your next DIY, please save yourself time and buy a sander. I managed to strip the remaining paint from my skirting boards and paint rails, sanded and painted them all in a day without breaking a sweat. By far, my best purchase this year! There are hundreds... Continue Reading →

My not so Tiny House

I spent my entire Saturday in bed and loved every minute of it! I caught up on my reading, ate a ton of junk food (don’t tell my trainer) and spent hours perusing Netflix categories. Normally, I’ll get my teeth stuck in a T.V series and I’ll be lost to the world but this weekend,... Continue Reading →

I managed to nab two free tickets to this years Ideal Home Show. This award-winning show comes to London each year but I have never had a reason to go until now. The best of kitchen and bathroom design, to fixtures and fittings are showcased at the Olympia between March 24th - April 9th. I... Continue Reading →

Now for the hard part

Re-decorating has been a long and laborious task and although I have not completely finished, I do need to start thinking about how I intend to style the master bedroom. This task scares me a little bit. Sanding down woodwork and painting walls is easy. Tiresome but easy. I'm not naturally stylish when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Is a Purple Door too much?

If you've been keeping up with my decorating over the past 7 weeks, you of course know my intended colour scheme was grey, white and purple. So far  the dominant colours are grey and white. It looks great but a little plain for my taste - I'm definitely at the stage where I need some... Continue Reading →

Re-Making my bed

This weekend I found myself dismantling my bed so I could begin the monumental task of repainting it. I'm using the same approach used to repaint my wardrobe (sand - prime - paint until satisfied).  This job is a little trickier due to all the knobbly bits but this just means I really have to... Continue Reading →


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