Have you ever looked at the diy bloggers on Pinterest or Instagram and thought WOW, that looks amazing and so easy but when you do it our yourself it doesn’t quite go to plan? Well if you’re that person, don’t worry. I plan to test out these ‘so called’ easy diy tips on my new home so you can see just how it’s done.

I inherited my house back in the summer of 2016 and I want to put my own stamp on it. I want people to step inside my home and see a young woman in her 20’s rather than her 50’s. Like most 26 year olds, I spend my money on gin, travelling and shoes, which are all of course essentials so DIY naturally stood out to me as a great money saver.

Everything you’ll see me do here on It’s Just D.I.Y will be my first attempt so¬†hopefully any fears you may have about taking on a D.I.Y task will be shattered because it’s not rocket science…It’s Just D.I.Y!


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