What lies beneath

I decided to remove the carpet in my office for no other reason than curiosity. I’m aware that my home has wood flooring throughout but they have always been carpeted. I didn’t know what condition the floor would be in but I decided I would cross that bridge when I came to it.


Removing the carpet was relative simple. I started pulling from a corner and rolled as I went a long. I made sure to wear gloves and a dust cover face mask to avoid breathing in any contaminants or dust that may have been lurking under there.

Once I was finished removing the carpet I then set my attention on removing the carpet tack strips. Tack strips are used to hold the carpet in place and create a smooth edge. I had to be very careful when removing these as I didn’t want to injure myself or damage the floor. The tack strips were nailed to the floor so I used a miniature flathead screwdriver and gently pushed underneath the tack strip and slowly lifted the screwdriver until it could be removed with ease. This is a very slow process so be sure to take your time.


The nails from the tack strips left tiny holes around the edge so I purchased a light brown wood filler (wood filler is essentially Polyfilla specially designed for wood) to give me a smooth edge and this was also applied to other areas that I felt would benefit from a quick repair. Once the wood filler dried, I used my Black and Decker Detail Mouse Sander (for product details read Save Time and buy a Sander) to smooth the wood work in preparation for painting. I opted for paint rather than varnish because I wanted a somewhat modern feel to this room and I felt white floorboards would help me achieve this.


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