Go Green

I recently repainted my office after running a keyword search for ‘colour schemes’ on Pinterest and I came across this imageOffice colour scheme. It stood out to me because I don’t think I would have ever thought to mix these colours and have them compliment each other so well.

White has been my base colour simply because my aim was to brighten my house. If you’re new to It’s Just D.I.Y, I live in a mid terraced house meaning I don’t get a lot of natural light so I’ve had to work hard to create that illusion and white paint is great for that. However, my office is perfectly situated and is beaming with light from sunrise to fall, as a result I get to play around with darker richer colours.

I knew I wanted a super dark green. I just wanted something warm, cosy and calm where I could sit and read or write a blog post and just chill out. Valspar had the widest range of colours and what I like most is they offer a series of light boxes that simulate daylight, energy saving and halogen light bulbs so you can best determine how your colour choice will look in your home. They also offer a free colour matching service so if you wanted to bring in a T-shirt or a piece candy the technicians can help you find the closest match.

My first impression:

When I opened the paint lid I was suddenly transported to my childhood and thought I was on an episode of Figure it Out. The paint was much brighter than expected and a little watery. I used 3 coats in total but all in all the application was smooth and luckily it dried in the intended and I got the dark green I was hoping for.


If you have kids or your decorating high traffic areas or just clumsy like I am, durable paints are fantastic because they are hard wearing and washable. There’s nothing worse than wiping off a stain and taking off two layers of paint in the process. Durable paint does cost a little more but will save you cash and peace of mind. I purchased a 2.5-litre tub of the durable washable interior paint which set me back £28 and I’m sad to say it’s actually not as durable as I would have liked.

It passes the wipe test but the slightest knock chipped the paint and I even had it peel off. I prefer to hang pictures using the Command strips. If you’re not familiar with them, they are strong hold sticky tabs that can easily be removed by pulling in a downward action and are marketed to cause no damage to walls. I’ve used them for years, especially when I was renting and have never experienced them to remove paint or plaster so I was very disappointed that removal saw the Valspar paint literally peel off. I have attributed this to the fact that the consistency of the paint was so watery so if you do buy this paint, I’d recommend keeping a tester pot in case you ever need to retouch.

Though I am happy with the final result, I personally wouldn’t purchase this brand of paint again as durability is just as important as the colour quality.

Next week, I’m going to talk you guys through my decision to remove the carpet in this room and how I prepped the wood for painting.

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