Say No to Clutter

Proper lighting, colour choice and even mirror placement can all help to create an illusion of a bright open space which, can quickly become overshadowed by excessive clutter.

The quickest and obvious way to reduce clutter is to simply throw out what you don’t need or no longer use. But what do you do after you’ve had a major clear out and are still left with mountains of “stuff”? …You get creative! I’m going to show you guys some of the methods I have used to minimise clutter and get organised.

Early on I made the decision to keep as many items off of the floor as possible, as large visible floor space instantly creates a feeling of spaciousness so I chose to build and store vertically. For example, I have over 30 pairs of shoes and hiding them under my bed wasn’t an option so I put my creative hat on made somewhat of a display.

Creating the dressing area took the most time as I did have to fit four invisible shelves which I purchased from B&Q for roughly £30 in total. The End of Bed Bench that I created a few weeks ago is great not just for storing shoes but as you can see, it’s also used to store bedding and it’s pretty comfy too.

When organising your bedroom or any space in your home for that matter, try to implement dual purpose pieces as these will help you to save space and money.

Handbags are also something I own an excess of and like my shoes I wanted them on display. I headed down to Ikea one afternoon and found myself browsing their bathroom range, and I came across the Voxnan towel holder (£13). It has three adjustable prongs and can hold up to 5kg per prong. This simple device has made it very easy for me to store my purses and achieve my main goal of keeping items like these off the floor.

Although it’s nice to display some of your items, remember less is more. The aim is to minimise clutter and utilise space.

Thrift shopping is my new love and I seem to have an eye for vintage suitcases. These work wonders to store seasonal wear so rather than cramming all of your clothes into your dresser drawers and wardrobes, opt for storage solutions that allow you to rotate your wardrobe seasonally. This will not only save you space but future frustration when trying to get ready for your day.

These are just a few methods I have chosen to help me reduce clutter in attempts to maintain an illusion of greater space in my bedroom. If you try any of these methods yourself let me know how you guys get on.

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