Fast and Firey

I bought a heat gun recently, also known as a hot air gun as a faster alternative to stripping paint. You guys have seen me use a generic stripper in Peeling back the layers; and although it worked well enough, I thought there must be an easier and cost-effective way to get the job done.

Heat guns offer a range of uses and can be purchased for as little £12. I bought a basic model for £18 at my local Wickes and I instantly fell in love. It releases temperatures of up to 550 degrees and cuts through a decade worth of paint in a moment’s notice.20170508_101100

No more hours wasted scraping the woodwork or trips to the store because you realise you didn’t buy enough paint stripper, this tool will be your new best friend.


Heat guns are extremely dangerous if used incorrectly or if used without appropriate protective wear. I learnt this the hard way after a trip to the hospital which, resulted in me leaving with 2nd-degree burns on my foot because I made the mistake of using this whilst barefoot.

I love my heat gun and if you buy one you will too but I want to remind you that heat guns can produce temperatures of up to 550 degrees and when applied to paint, creates a hot sticky mess that you definitely don’t want falling onto your skin. We want to strip paint not skin!


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