How to successfully thrift

I try to keep clutter to a minimum and to do that I frequently sell unused items on Ebay and whatever I can’t sell is taken to the thrift store. The thrift store I go to is a massive warehouse with a huge furniture collection so whenever I’m there I always take a few moments to browse.

Normally all I ever find are old chest of drawers and beat up wardrobes but on this occasion, to my amazement, I found this gorgeous French-inspired red velvet boud20170421_091627oir chair for just £50. But I thought, Noooo, I don’t need it! Where would I even put it? So I made the decision to hop back into my car and make my way home leaving behind this beautiful bargain!

I know what your thinking, I’m a fool! I know but I came to my senses and within the hour I was back. This story, however, does not have a happy ending as an elderly couple walked straight past me carrying my chair.

My heart was broken but my spirit was not and I decided to spend the day thrift store shopping and it was great fun and I found some great finds.

Although I foolishly missed out on a gorgeous red velvet chair I did manage to 20170423_133115pick up this cute vintage suitcase for £20, which I’ve decided to use as a memory chest.  I thought a suitcase would make a fitting memory chest so when needed, I can travel back to fond moments.


So how does one successfully thrift you ask? If you like it, buy it because beautiful bargains don’t last long.

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