Damage Control

Two weeks ago I showed you guys how to remove wall moulding. It’s really easy and relatively quick but removal can cause a lot of damage to the walls and I experienced this first hand. I had one of those Oh Sh#+ ! what have I done moments but after I calmed down, I scoured the internet for solutions and came across a product called ‘Deep Filler’. I would describe ‘Deep Filler’as an amped up Pollyfilla, for example if you have a hole big enough to fit your finger in, this is what you would use to fill it.

I bought my first tub on Amazon for £8 and I applied this premixed filler with a spatula as instructed but even after my third application, the gaps in the wall  were still clearly visible. I started to panic again around this point, thinking I’d never fix the wall and my career as a plasterer was over before it even began but after a quick trip to my local tool and hardware store, I picked up another tub of filler and a plastering trowel and my career was back on track.
I think the manufacturer suggests application with a spatula on the basis that your using the mixture for a straightforward hole repair, rather than repairing a whole wall. So if you find yourself in a similar position, a trowel is definitely your best bet.

I know I’m harping on about the trowel but this is what really saved the day for me. The application was effortless and the results were spot on. Now I have a semi-level wall and I say semi only because I’ve ran out of sanding sheets so it’s all good.

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