How to remove wall moulding

My hallway is poorly lit and painted in two shades of mint green, which vaguely resembles a pond in my opinion but a fresh coat of paint and new lights will easily correct that. My real problem is the wall moulding and No, I’m not talking about the green and black stuff that grows when it’s damp but rather the decorative wood trim you find on walls.

I’m not opposed to wall moulding, when done correctly it can create a refined and timeless feel and look in any room but as you can probably guess, that’s not the situation I find myself in. The moulding runs from my front door, up the stairs, slightly around a corner and then it just stops. It’s as if the previous owners ran out of wood and never got around to finishing it (it happens). So I’ve decided to remove the moulding all together and I have a few pictures and mini video showing you guys how I did this.

Tools used:

  • Mallet/Hammer
  • Spatula

Specialist tools are made for this job but I’m a big believer in working with what you have, especially if it achieves the same results.

As you can see from the video, I simply inserted the spatula behind the wood and used the hammer to help me get through the plaster behind it. After that just tap, wiggle, pull  and repeat until the moulding can easily be removed. As you can tell by the super attractive expression on my face, a lot of patience is needed here (I put on my favourite show, Hell’s Kitchen to get me through the long hours) as you don’t want to force it and cause any unnecessary damage. 

I’ve had to order plaster because Pollyfilla can only do so much. When it arrives, I’ll post another video for you guys so you can see how I clean up this mess.

If there’s anything you’d like to know about this process or anything you’d like me to attempt, let me know.

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