Luxury Marble Fireplace D.I.Y

If you’ve read the Fundamentals of Hygge you know that I’m looking at ways to introduce Hygge into my home. The Little Book of Hygge revealed that fireplaces are a key element when creating a hygge moment and I am lucky enough to have a fireplace in my bedroom. However, although my fireplace is in good working condition, it’s very outdated so if you haven’t already guessed, this feature is all about my d.i.y fireplace update.


To begin I decided to start working on the mantle. I didn’t apply a varnish remover because I was using my sander (as shown in Save Time and Buy a Sander), which made quick work of it. If I was sanding by hand, I definitely would have used varnish remover to speed up the process. There are a few fiddly areas but luckily the Black and Decker Mouse is perfect for jobs like this. I simply screwed on my detail attachment and I was finished sanding the mantle in less than 30 minutes.

I chose to paint my mantle in a high gloss white paint so  it compliments the new color scheme and stands out in its own unique way.studio_20170320_144651.jpg

I left the tiles to last because I honestly had no clue where to start. First I thought about retiling  but as you get to the mouth of the fireplace the tiles begin to curve and, you can’t just pop into Topps Tiles and buy curved tiles (I’ve tried!). The fireplace and its surround are original features of the house and after checking the other fireplaces in the house they all have this same style feature, which tells me I would need to hire a specialist to have new tiles fitted. Specialist is code for expensive in my book and retiling was not an option for me.

So what are my options?

I could paint of course, tile paint is available in all shades and you can have colors mixed if necessary but choosing the right color left me beat. I had to consider the floor tiles as well, which limited my color options. Grey tiles would blend into the carpet and white tiles were just to blah. So what do I do? I asked myself this question for days and then I discovered contact paper! It’s a lot like wall paper minus the horrible paste.

I bought a grey marble effect contact paper, which was perfect for me. It had varying tones of white and grey which perfectly tied everything together. I bought a 2 meter roll from Wilkinson’s for £5. If you don’t have a Wilkinson’s near you, don’t worry just type ‘Contact Paper’ into Google and you’ll find loads of stores selling every pattern you could think of at very reasonable prices.

The instructions said it was easy to apply and for the most part it was, they left out how frustrating it is to apply.

How to apply contact paper


I spent an hour applying the contact paper and although it was frustrating at times, I’m very happy with the end result.

I would 100% recommend this D.I.Y! I have a brand new fireplace and it only cost me £16 (£36 if you count my swear jar)! And although I’m no expert, I think this is pretty Hygge too. #WINNING





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