Hygge Fundamentals

Lately, it would seem that every magazine I read or Instagram post I see, someone, somewhere is talking about Hygge. I’m new to the world of home decorating so  I appreciate that I may be late to Hygge but I naturally assumed it was simply the latest style trend so of course, I went out to buy ‘The little book of Hygge, The Danish way to live’ hoping to pick up some style tips. Surprisingly, Hygge turned out to be more than just a list of home decor do’s and don’ts but rather a new way of thinking.

Hygge is all about finding relaxation, comfort, togetherness and restfulness in life not just in the home. It teaches us to take stock and appreciate the little things, to go out meet new people and to just spend time in good company. This resonated with me because I’ve lived in London for almost 10 years and it’s the complete opposite of Hygge but I think if I can introduce Hygge into the home I will see a change in my busy city life.

Why should we introduce Hygge into the home? 

Your home should be your comfort zone, a place where your friends and family can come and chill out with you. To create that feeling of peace and relaxation, you need to take a close look at what you choose to surround yourself with and the Danes seem to have broken it down to a science

How do we introduce Hygge into the home?  Hygge manifesto

Nature is a reoccurring theme in Hygge. To be at one with nature is to be in a state of harmony and to gain an understanding of the world and our place in it. By introducing elements of nature into our homes we too can find rest and peace in our busy lives. Whether you’re a businessman, a CEO mum of three or just a 26-year-old living London trying to work out what to do with your life, Hygge can calm the best of us.

Nature can be introduced into the home in all manner ways. Fireplaces, candles, plants anything made from wood (wood floors, wood logs for the fire even a wooden coffee table). The beauty of making these​ additions to your home decor, is not only will they create an atmosphere of relaxation but it’s super cute and inexpensive.

Your home should tell a story about you, your life and the life you want to lead and to do that you don’t have to spend your life savings. If anything Hygge is the total opposite so think vintage you can find almost anything in a vintage or antique store.


Though I fear I may have dumbed Hygge down, I really wanted to get across its core elements and it’s something I plan to come back to over the next few weeks as I definitely want to make my home Hygge.














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