One change can make a big difference


I have had these chest of drawers for almost 10 years! It’s a good quality solid piece of furniture and I’ve struggled with the idea of parting with it. Even though the drawers are super small and it’s covered in wicker (I really hate wicker) I don’t want to spend too much.

I came across a Youtuber called April Bee who has a video entitled  D.I.Y Mirrored Night Stand. This inspired me to look into how to recreate this look on my drawers, however, because wicker is a very flexible material and does not offer a flat surface, this DIY was not an option for me. There was then the option of simply sanding and repainting them but if I’m honest, after 10 weeks of painting  I’d like to take a break.

So I decided to part ways with my chest of drawers and purchase a practical and modern replacement.


I bought this at Ikea from their Malm range, it was really easy to put together, sits perfectly beneath my windows and the drawers are more than deep enough for me to stuff all my clothes into.

The glass sheet you can see on top did have to be purchased separately but in total this and the drawers came to £92, which is fairly reasonable; and my old chest of drawers have been listed on Ebay to hopefully,help me cover the cost.

This new addition really compliments the look and feel of the room. Creates an open space and also helps to brighten the room as the glass top reflects the light wonderfully. I’ve spent a little more than intended but I got a lot more in return. I believe furniture should be both practicle and easy on the eyes, otherwise it’s a waste of money.


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