Save Time and buy a Sander

If you’re in the process of decorating or planning your next DIY, please save yourself time and buy a sander. I managed to strip the remaining paint from my skirting boards and paint rails, sanded and painted them all in a day without breaking a sweat.

By far, my best purchase this year! There are hundreds of sanders on the market but I opted for the Black and Decker Mouse KA161BC.

Why did I buy this sander?

  • Light and easy grip
  • Dust extraction = less mess
  • Velcro base making it easy to replace sanding sheets
  • Can be used to remove paint, rust, varnish even clean glass
  • 15 accessories included
  • Good Value for money  (found in store for £28 but I bought on Amazon for £15)


The sanding sheets don’t last very long and the range of sandpaper grit is limited but these are my only downsides.

Whether you buy this sander or not, you definitely should buy a sander.  Just look how happy mine made me!



P.S always wear protection – safety goggles are a must

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