My not so Tiny House

I spent my entire Saturday in bed and loved every minute of it! I caught up on my reading, ate a ton of junk food (don’t tell my trainer) and spent hours perusing Netflix categories. Normally, I’ll get my teeth stuck in a T.V series and I’ll be lost to the world but this weekend, I decided to check out a few documentaries and stumbled across ‘Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary’ directed by Jeremy Beasley. If your wondering what constitutes as a ‘tiny house’, it’s a home built on anything from 100 – 400 square feet and typically on wheels. This stood out to me, not because I’m decorating but to understand what would drive someone to live in such a cramped space (no pun intended).

I was expecting to find a bunch of freeloaders but instead I found people wanting to find themselves, find financial freedom, find stability in a world of uncertainty – a place to call their own.

House prices are getting so crazy that the average person can save enough for a down payment but then spend the rest of their life repaying the bank, and that home they so tirelessly worked for is never really theirs. I’m fortunate, in a weird way because I inherited my mortgage-less home from my mum and now benefit from the freedoms that being a home owner offers and can now find myself. Or as #GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso would say Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourselfso I guess I should say, being a home owner gives me the freedom to create my true self.

These  people, who are not architects, never picked up a hammer in their lives said ‘YEAH’ I’m going to build a house! A TINY HOUSE, which I think is more impressive than a regular house because it must be designed to perfection. Utilising every inch of space for easy everyday living; and I’m over here saying I can’t work with this 3 bed, 2 bath, living and dining room because there’s not ENOUGH SPACE!

Image result for Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary

When I tell people the grand plans I have for my house I can see a look of bewilderment come over their faces, which makes me think, am I overestimating my own ability? But again, quoting my new-found love Sophia Amoruso (I literally just finished reading #GIRLBOSS – very inspiring, go read it!) “You combine hard work, creativity, and self-determination, and things start to happen”. Therefore, I intend to recreate every grand design in my mind until its reflected in my not so ‘tiny house’ and stop worrying about what I’ve never done before and just find a way (without wrecking the place of course).



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