Now for the hard part

Re-decorating has been a long and laborious task and although I have not completely finished, I do need to start thinking about how I intend to style the master bedroom. This task scares me a little bit. Sanding down woodwork and painting walls is easy. Tiresome but easy. I’m not naturally stylish when it comes to home furnishing because I’ve never had to be so I bought a handful of home decorating magazines this weekend to help me

Image found on Pinterest

better understand how to tie a room together.

I bought House & Garden, Ideal Home and Good Homes. I work in advertising so I’m familiar with these magazines but I’ve never purchased them before. House & Garden is great for inspiration but  Ideal Home & Good Homes in particular stood out for me because they gave decorating tips like, ‘Unify a look with different tones of the same colour‘.

I’ve learned that by creating a toning scheme, I can create an effect of understated elegance and vibrancy without needing to do too much.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my style ideas and buying bits and bobs as I go along so if anything looks a bit crazy let me know.



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