Is a Purple Door too much?

If you’ve been keeping up with my decorating over the past 7 weeks, you of course know my intended colour scheme was grey, white and purple. So far  the dominant colours are grey and white. It looks great but a little plain for my taste – I’m definitely at the stage where I need some colour.

I’ve had these colour charts for a few weeks now, which show a range of purple tones that I20170208_232820.jpg thought could work for my bedroom door ( I’ve clearly watched Friend’s way too many times). This is undoubtedly a bold move but I thought, I won’t really know what it looks like until I try it.

I decided on ‘Cry Me A River’ by Valspar for my colour choice. I’ve never used this brand of paint before but it was mixed to my requirements and the shop assistant prepared a 2ltr tub of Satin Wood Paint for me. Very easy application, dried quickly and it didn’t have a heavy gloss effect which I liked.

Before and After (‘Cry Me A River’ by Valspar)

However, as soon as I put on the first coat I thought “this is too much!”  It immediately looked out-of-place but I thought – maybe it’ll look better when it dries (it really didn’t). I decided to repaint the door in white and I had to apply at least 4 coats to hide the purple but it was worth it, the end results was perfect.

My bedroom is without a doubt Monochrome and as you can see from my pictures the contrast between the white and grey really pops. I still plan to add some purple but subtly of course as in this case it’s more of an accent colour.






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