Re-Making my bed

This weekend I found myself dismantling my bed so I could begin the monumental task of repainting it. I’m using the same approach used to repaint my wardrobe (sand – prime – paint until satisfied).  This job is a little trickier due to all the knobbly bits but this just means I really have to take my time but Netflix as made for this very moment.

The key thing I’ve learnt over the last few weeks is to prep my workspace before I begin and this includes having the right tools. Those 78p plastic sheets are still holding up and are great to cover my walls but if you look closely you can see I’ve patched a few holes with masking tape. I know I’m taking cheap to a new level but if it works I’m all for it. Then all I needed was a sponge sander which is great to get in between those awkward spaces and two paint brushes, one small and the other large. Depending on where you shop, you can pick up all these items for less than £10.

After a base coat and two coats of matte white, I still think two more coats are needed to cover the wood grain but as you can see it’s coming along nicely.

Upcycling is becoming my new favourite past time. It’s inexpensive and makes a world of difference.I’m looking forward to revealing the finished piece.

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