Peeling back the layers

The skirting boards have been my latest project. Currently they are painted in a cream or an off white but continuing with the current theme, these too will be painted in bright white. I chose to strip the old paint from the skirting boards to ensure I achieve a nice smooth finish.

I purchased a small tub of Polycell for £7.98. I’ve never come across this type of paint stripper before. I’m more familiar with liquid strippers but I chose to buy this product because it’s a non drip paste, which is perfect as I’m unable to lift my carpets. This seemed like the least messy option. It can be applied with a paint brush or a spatula and can be left to rest for up to 4 hours for those really thick layers of paint.

studio_20170116_220936.jpgWithin 20 minutes it begins to bubble which is a sign that the activation process has begun.

I used a spatula/scraper to remove the paint and it came off relatively easily but I did apply a second layer once I found myself having to force as I didn’t want to damage the wood work.


Clean up was a breeze – The paint when removed could be likened to a peel off face mask and pretty much rolled up into a ball to be thrown away and the rest was vacuumed.


This stuff has a really strong so I’d recommend opening the windows when using this and leave them open for an hour or two afterwards as it travelled through my entire house. Annoyingly I ran out and was only able to finish half of the room, which is most likely due to my choice to double up on layers but I’ll definitely be buying a second batch. I just won’t be buying anything else until payday so I guess I’ll just go sand something – keep busy.

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