Electrician for the day

I’m a perfectionist. No point denying it. Everything must be as I have envisioned it or it just doesn’t work, this is why I decided to change the wall socket and light switch, as I thought they could and should look better.

So off I went to my local Homebase to pick up these beauties.

It’s worth noting that I am not an electrician nor do I have any experience with electrics but I felt comfortable enough with the instructions provided to make these changes myself. The wall socket took less than an hour to replace and apart from a few chips in my paint work, everything went without a hitch.

Following on from electrical success I moved straight on to the light switch. Unlike the fitting of the wall socket, I spent two hours attempting to replace my dimmer switch. My first mistake was making the assumption they’d be wired the same, which wasn’t too big of an issue, I just had to trim the cover on the earth wire.

The live wire was next stumbling block, it just wouldn’t stay in its socket. I spent at least 30 minutes going back over this until I realised when it was previously wired, the copper wire was folded and was too thick the stay within its new setting. Once I got past this it was smooth sailing…..Or so I thought.

Unwilling to admit defeat I decided to call a friend…Or in this case text. My friend is also not an electrician but he’s done this before so I felt comfortable asking for his help.

So after all of this, all I needed to complete this task was a mini flathead screwdriver and of course to have read the instructions in full.
What can we take away from failed DIY?

  • Do not skim read the instructions. All information provided is useful, not just the pictures.
  • Make sure you have all the correct tools before you begin
  • Do not use makeshift tools i.e  nail scissors

I’ll keep you posted with round three

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