Creating more natural light

Being new to DIY and interior design, I’ve had to do a lot of reading to understand exactly how to achieve my decorating goals  ‘creating more natural light‘ .

Many articles suggest adding mirrors and shiny or even clear trinkets to help create that illusion but the main thing that keeps cropping up is choosing the correct colour palette and not just for walls and flooring but furniture too. Now it might seem like common sense but it’s worth reminding that light colours work to reflect the light unlike dark colours that will absorb it, therefore my pine wood bedroom set must go.

Nothing too hasty just a coat of paint.

I started with my wardrobe and I’ll work on my bed in a few weeks as it’s a much larger project. The wardrobe had to be dismantled and sanded down to create a smooth work surface, then treated with a wood primer because paint doesn’t stick well to bare wood. Now to save time, I bought a 2 in 1 wood primer/base coat (colour: white) from Homebase for £21:99, which wasn’t too pricy as I didn’t need to use much of it and I have more than enough left over to do my bed and chest of drawers.

I painted both the inside and out with the same matt white paint used on the walls and replaced the wooden door knobs with a crystal effect glass knob, which reflect light perfectly and create a nice expensive look too.

The end result was pretty good…even if I say so myself.


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