To paint or not to paint behind the radiator

Why bother painting behind a radiator, it’s not like anyone is going to see?

But we can see! We can see exactly where your new coat of paint stops and the old begins. It looks unprofessional and it’s not cute.

I’ve never attempted to remove a radiator from a wall. I’ve never even drained one before so this was completely new to me and easier than I thought it would be. I rummaged around in my tool kit and grabbed two pipe grips and spent the next 30 minutes cursing. Then I had a bright idea..Google it! YouTube has tons of videos on this very subject “how to remove a radiator?” and depending on the type of radiator you have there is a video for you.

I had most of these things  I needed at home  and surprisingly I was on the right track with the pipe grip (I just needed 1 not 2) but I did have to pop out to track down an adjustable pipe wrench.

Initially I went to B&Q but the price of these wrenches completely shocked me. Some were £18 and higher and I thought “No way! It’s not worth it, surely I can work it out with the tools I already have”. But I wanted a perfect paint job so I persevered (Don’t worry I didn’t spend £18) and went to Homebase for a quick price comparison. I’m so glad I decided to take a second look. £5.98 will buy you a  12 Stillson Adjustable Pipe Wrench and I had my radiator off in 25 minutes and most of this time was spent waiting for it to drain.

It was completely worth it and I’m happy to say I  was able to finish painting the walls. Now onto the skirting boards…

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