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I'm Astyn  or Astyn Martin (AM for short) as my friends insist on calling me. I recently inherited a house, which sparked my interest in home decorating. I've rented fully furnished apartments for years and the closest I've ever gotten to interior design was buying new bedding so this should be interesting. My plan is... Continue Reading →

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Don’t let the plug get you down

Wall plugs help to anchor screws to walls, allowing you to safely and securely hang anything from mirrors to shelves and are available in all sizes and for all wall types. Removing them however, is not so simple. In the past I have attempted to pull them out using pliers and even once tried sanding.... Continue Reading →

D.I.Y End of Bed Bench

For the past four weeks, I have been busy moving into my house, which is why my DIY has taken a back seat as of late. I thought I had more time to pack up my apartment but my lease finally comes to an end in just two weeks and I’m stuck struggling with what... Continue Reading →

Fast and Firey

I bought a heat gun recently, also known as a hot air gun as a faster alternative to stripping paint. You guys have seen me use a generic stripper in Peeling back the layers; and although it worked well enough, I thought there must be an easier and cost-effective way to get the job done. Heat... Continue Reading →

How to successfully thrift

I try to keep clutter to a minimum and to do that I frequently sell unused items on Ebay and whatever I can't sell is taken to the thrift store. The thrift store I go to is a massive warehouse with a huge furniture collection so whenever I'm there I always take a few moments to... Continue Reading →

How to remove wall moulding

My hallway is poorly lit and painted in two shades of mint green, which vaguely resembles a pond in my opinion but a fresh coat of paint and new lights will easily correct that. My real problem is the wall moulding and No, I'm not talking about the green and black stuff that grows when... Continue Reading →

An Ideal Day at the ideal Home Show

Yesterday I attended the Ideal Home Show and I am happy to say that it was AMAZEBALLS!!  I took a bunch of pictures for you guys so enjoy (WARNING some may be a little blurry ). 21st Century Cottage - styled by the students of Chichester College's Art & Design Studio 2018. BriteLite had a great display... Continue Reading →

Luxury Marble Fireplace D.I.Y

If you've read the Fundamentals of Hygge you know that I'm looking at ways to introduce Hygge into my home. The Little Book of Hygge revealed that fireplaces are a key element when creating a hygge moment and I am lucky enough to have a fireplace in my bedroom. However, although my fireplace is in... Continue Reading →


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